Played By: Darklady2831

Domains and Portfolios: Knowledge (Logic), Force (Physical Law), Artifice (Stellar Construction)

Alignment: True Neutral

Protheas is renowned among the Architects for his inflexible attitude regarding the way that they should shape universes. He is harshly critical of magic and the supernatural, preferring instead cold logic and hard physical law. Where other Architects engage in spiritual guidance, Protheas teaches mortals that there is nothing beyond the physical, that death is the true end and thus should be prevented at all costs. He extols the virtues of critical thinking and skepticism while he condemns faith and spirituality as misguided delusions. Even if he is wrong in many universes, he nonetheless clings to his method of thinking, and guides mortal species down the path to scientific mastery of the material dimensions of their universe. 

In matters concerning other Architects, Protheas prefers an isolationist approach, only interacting directly when no other choice is available. In his eyes, most other Architects have become lost in the infinite possibilities that shaping countless universes offers. Among the Architects, Protheas is known as a stick in the mud who's approach to the world is lacking in places. Despite this, many acknowledge that he is a foremost expert on physical law and logic.