Promethean Galaxy

The Promethean Galaxy is a massive galaxy measuring 600,000 light-years across. It is situated in the exact centre of the universe, and in it's exact centre lies the Star Unending. The First Architect, Protheas, created the Promethean Galaxy as a massive laboratory to house his research into Iron-Oxide based life. Despite the original intention of its creation, the Promethean Galaxy has become a hub of activity for many Architects and species.

Regions Edit

The Promethean Galaxy is divided into several regions, each with different characteristics and inhabitants.

The Galactic Core Edit

The Galactic Core is situated in the centre of the Promethean Galaxy, and is home to the Star Unending. The Core is the smallest region of the Promethean Galaxy by size, measuring only 20,000 light-years in diameter. Characterized by an abundance of super-dense stars and black holes, the Galactic Core is flooded with lethal radiation, making it a difficult place for life to survive. Despite this, it is home to several sapient species, including the Plasma-Creatures of the Star Unending and the Ferrons of Hadreth.

The Crucible Edit

So named for the fact that most newborn stars are formed in this region, the Crucible is the bar that extends in two directions away from the Galactic Core. A haven for forming stars, the Crucible is home to thousands of massive nebulae that can be up to a dozen light-years across. Like the rest of the Galaxy, the bar that makes up the Crucible orbits the Galactic Core, albeit much more slowly than the spiral arms.

The Rim Edit

Located at the outer edge of the Promethean Galaxy, the Rim is not technically a part of it, but rather the next several hundred thousand light-years of space extending away from it. Characterized by relative emptiness compared to the Galaxy proper, the Rim is home to dozens of rogue Star Systems and Architects.