Kuroko: The Void-Caller
Played By: Inspector Valin
Domains and Portfolios: Shadows (Trickery), Chaos (Possibility), Stars (Hope), Sky (Flight)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Known as Starweaver, Voidcaller, or whatever fancy title she feels like at the moment, Kuroko is the Architect of Possibilities, tasked with ensuring vibrancy and potential within this universe. More mortal in some ways than her fellow Architects, Kuroko's purpose is to ensure that the universe never perfectly conforms to the dictates of law and protocol. Grim inevitabilities are anathema to the Lady of Shadows: she strives always to make matters more interesting, more complex, elaborate and unpredictable; much to the irritation of her more hidebound fellow creators. Her axiom has always been that everything should be possible; every law should have an exception, every disaster a possibility to be circumvented. Kuroko strives not to be destructive in her efforts however. Destruction is ultimately the end of possibility, the closing of a door, and whilst it is sometimes necessary for a greater good the Void-Caller has never truly enjoyed it. She merely wants a universe of intrigue and possibility, and is willing to strive to make it happen.

Kuroko's forms vary widely; from an atom with electrons spinning erratically to a young mortal with a twinkle in her eye. Always, however, there is some degree of light emanating from her that observers can't quite place the origin of. Without light, shadow is impossible and thus the Void-Caller has the light of stars as her constant companion. Well, light and Mitsukaba. The over-active electron is Kuroko's pet, and accompanies her everywhere, generally dancing around her hand or finger. Kuroko dotes on the little being, often devoting time to playing with him rather than attending to her creations. The origin of their bond remains unknown.