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Hadreth 200x200
A view of SU-1 from Orbit
Orbital Distance 1.33 AU
Orbital Period 1.64 Standard Years
Radius 8,130 km
Day Length 36 Standard Hours
Atm. Pressure 2.03 atm
Surface Temp 213 °C
Surface Gravity 1.94 g
Mass 1.7 SPM
Satellites N/A

Hadreth, also called SU-1 by its creator, is the first planet from the Star Unending, the densest planet in its system, and the only known Astronomical Object capable of accommodating Iron-Oxide based life. Life arose on Hadreth only a few million years after the birth of the universe, due largely to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding its formation. Hadreth is home to nearly one million different species of Iron-Oxide based life, the majority of which are plant-like; of note among the species of Hadreth are the Ferrons, sapient electromagnetic 'brains'. Hadreth's Ferron population is split into nearly one hundred sovereign nations which are each aligned with one of three ideological factions.

Chronology Edit

Formation Edit

Hadreth was formed nearly 300,000,000 years after the beginning of the universe as part of an experiment by the First Architect, Protheas. Through the use of arcane technology aboard his flagship, the Omnipotence, Protheas forced a large nebula to form around the Star Unending and rapidly evolve into an accretion disk and protoplanets. From here the star system evolved and Hadreth formed into its current state.

Evolution of Life Edit

A process that would normally take hundreds of millions of years, life was created on Hadreth by the Architect Protheas. Using machines aboard the Omnipotence, he arranged Iron-Oxide molecules into the building blocks of life, and then stimulated them enough to produce simple organisms. After tinkering with those simple organisms to produce more complex lifeforms, he seeded the planet with plant and animal life to form an ecosystem.

Millions of years after this, he took samples of the most complex organisms that had evolved, and altered them into the ancestors of the Ferrons. From here, natural evolution took it's course, and the modern Ferrons evolved sapience and thought on their own. Since then, societal and technological evolution has rapidly begun to overshadow organic evolution.

Composition and Structure Edit